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Using the proper tools to communicate to the public your Online Products and Services may be done through SEO, Online Marketing and Email Campaigns. Broadcasting your business through local basic media solutions was the typical method, but today it seems that online interaction is quickly bypassing standard advertising methods because of its instantaneous format and should be strongly considered by businesses not already exploiting these technologies.

Marketing Services

  • On-line Marketing - Harvesting customers by having signs at your stores; sale specials, news print advertising campaigns and even postcard mailings. This was the standard way of doing things, but is now vintage business. With today’s technology and quick adaptation by the public, we see ourselves up against new technology challenges and opportunities that are now becoming officially accepted as a standard. Today this is done through online marketing which includes: pay-per-click marketing, email campaigns, search engine registrations and fast executing, cutting-edge page coding. Yep!
  • Website Promotion - Once you get your website, it's important to promote it as well. If not it will end up as portrait in forgotten room that very few people will ever see . Website Promotion and SEO are an important part of getting your pages seen and circulated. Getting your website to propagate through the Internet is the main objective to promoting your business on-line and must be done correctly so that business facts are always accurate on search engines and search sites. Optimizing your website will enhance its propagation rate and help your Internet rankings score higher on search engine results. 
  • Pay-Per-Click - PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a method were you are advertised on major search engines (depends on the provider) and as keywords are entered by users searching for services on the Internet, search engines will bring up your Ad as a related subject posted on the search engines result pages. Once a prospective customer clicks on your ad, you pay (cheap). PPC can be an instant major provider of traffic for your website while remaining inexpensive at pennies per click, (preset your limits), exposing your Ad is to thousands of Internet users in most all local searches in your area, urging consumers to try your services and products. It works really well, instantly !
  • Email Campaigns - Email campaigns are great way to boost sales as well as keep your prior customers informed. This is an important service for your business, on the other hand, your customers will be delighted to hear from you and start to expect what new specials you offer. Email campaigns need not be complex nor crowd your customers email boxes. We can assist with implementing your email campaigns and get your email game going on. Consider low cost and scheduled delivery programming. Wow!
  • Press Releases – Press Releases are a good way to get free pirotic advertising from local newspapers and circulars. With your website up and working, this would be a good time to generate a press release to inform the general public of your new public access portal. We generate and issue press releases for every website we produce (new). These go to select popular local publications in your area. We can produce Press Releases for your business events as well, whenever you need public announcements, do contact us.
  • Display Presentations - Enlighten your customers as well as inform them with Display Presentations in your venue. While in waiting or dining rooms or at the mall, video displays placed at venues keep clientele up to date on Sales, Specials, Upcoming Events, Promotions, Business Cards, and Posters etc. Display your menus, photos, artwork or anything that motivates sales. Capitalize on the service by signing up friendly local businesses’ to network and advertise at your venue. We use Static and Dynamic Mixed-Media as well as Video clips and Ad’s. Software for your Presentation Campaigns are created at our very own Media Arts Studio/Lab. Talk to us! 
  • Logo & Artwork - We create, design and produce graphic products. If you need a Special Logo, Favicon, Company computer display backgrounds, Photo enhancement or Custom artwork, please consult with us; we offer creative solutions with fantastic results for your company's website, documents and visual comities.

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