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Specifying, selecting and acquiring business electronics is always a touchy situation. Knowing how much equipment, qualities, capacities and installation policies are critical. Commonly most businesses stumble into producing these and are usually suggested by advertisings, pushy sales persons or by colleagues and typically will never know exactly what they got. Some equipment is usually is overrated, underrated, wrong and sometimes even unnecessary. Whether you need Computers, Power sound systems, Video display arrays or common Business electronics, let's chat and help us specify exactly what you need. Don't spin your wheels, call us.

Electronic Systems Sales

  • Business Systems - The difference between commercial business systems and consumer products is that the prior is a more rugged product, and the lateral is designed with obsolescence in mind. At DarxMedia we only specify products with good longevity, solid construction, reliable functionality and good warranties.  
  • Computer Systems - Let us specify your next computer system. Whether you need one workstation or an array of workstations, we can help you with that. We can specify new or reliable recertified equipment at a savings. Most computers are not obsolete by any means; many companies are duped into believing that they need new systems. Recertified computer systems and laptops are just as good as new systems without the bloat of promotional software and come preloaded with business applications. 
  • Video Display Systems - We have been installing video display systems since the disco days. We have done rock concerts, art performances and promotional schemes and even provided giant video projectors at one time for Bill Graham Presents Co. in the Bay Area. Today we do the same but with newer technologies. Distributed video using formats such as HDMI, composite video and R.F. are frequently employed in entertainment venues and now, in advanced retail marketing too. 
  • Pro Audio Systems - Specifying commercial Sound Systems is tricky because you need to know exactly how much power and how many speakers you’ll need to deploy, as well as factor in for future expansion. Sometimes more than one or two amplifiers are needed, depending on venue capacity. In the majority of cases, most venues are totally lacking in sound quality and distribution. We would like to fix that for them and increase their customers’ comfort, especially while waiting for their fresh made Food or shopping at a large Market or Retail store. Contented customers are reprise customers, they always return for more. 
  • LED Lighting - For sale: Desk lamps, under cabinet lighting, Cabinet interior lighting, Photography lighting fixtures, bar backlighting, LED signage and outdoor large area LED flood lighting. These are just some of the lighting items available for your business as well as promotional signs and attractants. We’ll make you standout. 
  • Network Systems - We sell tiered Network Systems, modems, routers, wireless access points and installation accessories. We also sell CAT5e and CAT6 cable, tools and installation accessories and provide manuals and wiring diagrams. If you need replacement Networking equipment or system upgrades, we can help. 

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