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Business Consulting

Make decisions based on knowledge!

We help by providing knowledge based answers to your concerns about your business's direction and/or technical equipment Infreastructure, etc. plus deep questions pertaining to business health.

FAQ's example:
• Who is the most reliable Internet Provider? 
• Which local services are business friendly?
• How much Internet does my business really need?
• Do I really need Landline Business phone service ?
• What’s the difference between credit card & fees?
• Whats the best operating software for my venue? 

Try our Free 10 minute test run, see if it's for you.

How this service works. Email us, Chat or Call us about your business goals. Tell us what you want to accomplish and we will provide you with detailed suggestions on your plans, based on current trends and economic markers. This service will help you save funds, provide references and by applying current technologies. Contact us for a free 10 minute business evaluation. No obligation.

Chat now with a Business Consultant.
Click on a button below to contact us about your evolving business ideas and/or projects. Prevent blind spots and other business short commings.  

Technical Support

You can relax, We've got your back!

Maintenance plans for your company's Technical infrastructure & Computers. Assure that your business processes are running smoothly and strong. Avoiding equipment break down or system down time is central to all business. Top notch Anti-virus software included.

Computer Maintenance Upgrades & Repairs - This service does not require equipment evaluation. It's OK if target Computers requiere service. Apply.

Network Maintenance, Upgrades & Repairs - This service requires on-site evaluation to determine fair leveraged fees.  

A/V System Maintenance & Repairs
BGS Sound systems, Paging Systems, Sound Stage, Video Studio, Home Theater & Recording Studios. Covers:  t & resources plus.

All Plans include: Pro services. Technical on-line or phone support, plus 2 major repairs or on-site service calls. Includes annual report. An on-site evaluation is requiered. Repair parts not included.  

Hosting Plans

Pro Hosting services, Empowerment on-line! 

Trusted Hosting Plans for your on-line infrastructure will assure that your business promotions run smooth and strong on the internet. 99.95% system down time gueranteed . 

Basic Starter - Includes: Domain, a static Website with call to action mobile Coupons, your Business Domain, Email Service with Business Logos and Web Icon. Press Release included to promote your venues services in local publications. 

Basic Business -  Includes: a dynamic Website including: call to action mobile Coupons, Business Domain email service and Business Logos and Icon. Press Release included to promote your venues services in local publications including a Limited Email Marketing Campaigne.  

Pro Starter Business -  Includes: Plan I, plus Website protection, 5 Secure email accounts, Basic Email Marketing Campaigne, Entity Protection and Enhenced SEO w/quaterly & annual status reports. 

All Plans include: Basic SEO service, Business registration, 1 year Domain Registration & support.

Terms and conditions: Replacement parts and components are not included and are billed accordingly - *Services limited to a total of 16 hours and two service calls per year - Special part & component discounts apply - All labor overages will be billed at a 25% discount during the active contract year. Read more.

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Your Business Image and Stance is always Paramount.

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