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We are a Business Services Agency.

Technical Support and Consulting plus Business Systems Customization Services tailored to  meet your businesses technical needs. We offer Merchant Services, Marketing Tools and Financial Opportunities as well. Along with Internet Marketing, we offer: Website Hosting, Affordable Websites, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing Campaigns,  and a full line of On-line based Promotional Solutions allowing you to vie head-on with your competitors proudly . Besides our clerical tasks, we offer our services complete with Electronic Business System Sales & Service, Equipment Maintenance and Electronic Hardware Repairs. Our On-Site Equipment Evaluation and Optimization Program will assure you that your business requirements are met at every level and at the least cost. We also specify and provide Sound // Video // Network // Electronic Surveillance Systems Wireless Systems // Point of Sale // Telephone Systems and Technical Wiring Services.. Most of our services are seamlessly implemented and/or merged with existing processes. The result is a fine-tuning of your Business Functions by increasing Operation Efficiency, Reliability and the Harmony in your establishment. DarxMedia Business Services: Enhancing your Business by way of Technical Streamlining and Innovative Marketing Opportunities!  ~  Please contact us for more information.
Contact Us:      info@DarxMedia,com     ~      760) 357-1363       ~       760) 357-9902
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