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Welcome to DarxMedia Inc.

We are a Consolidated  Business Services Agency. 

Providing assistance to Businesses since 2010, we have been promoting a Solid Technical Foundation that Local Businesses can depend on. Our Proficient Software Experts, Technologists and Technicians help develop solutions for your commercial endeavors and for advancing on what you envision.

We Specialize in Publicizing Solutions which will allow your Business to vie head-on with your local competitors, proudly. We also offer Electronic Business Systems, Marketing Services and Technical Support tailored to meet your Venues needs. 

Improving your Business Stance and Image is paramount to your company's future success. Consolidating services under our Company will result in the fine-tuning of your Business Utilities, increase Inferastructure Operation Efficiency, improve Service Consistency and over all improve the Harmony of your establishment. 

We embed High-Tech Electronic Systems with Business Marketing knowledge. Try Us!

  • VALUE - Besides consulting and clerical tasks, we offer Business Systems Sales, Service, Equipment Maintenance and Electronic Hardware Repair. Our On-Site Equipment Evaluation and Optimization Program will assure you that your business requirements are met at every level and at the least cost. That’s our main goal!
  • ENGAGEMENTS - We specify as well as provide and install: Pro Sound, Pro Video, Networks, Video Surveillance, Wireless Systems, Point of Sale Systems, Home Theater, Background Music Systems and Technical Wiring Services. Read more.
  • FLEXIBILITY - Our services are seamlessly implemented and/or are merged with your existing processes, minimizing physical project impact on your Business. Ask about this!
  • PROMOTION - Marketing Tools, Business Prospects and Our On-line based Promotional Solutions including: Website Design/Development, Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Propagation, Email Marketing, Video Display Presentations, Graphic Design, Announcement Programming and Electronic Ad Technologies and more. Look see.

DarxMedia Services

Shape up your Business Projects with Sharp Designs .


Website Development & Promotion, Web Hosting, SEO Services, On-line Marketing, SEO Services & more.
Everything you need to Execute Professional Website Development.


Save your business some cash by signing up with us. We offer the best card processing packages around. Are you being shortchanged? Let's see how much money you can save!


Every business needs Marketing. But not all marketing is effective, usually because of a lack of understanding the process. Expand sales of your Products & Services.


Business Gear and Commercial products are generally designed to last longer than consumer products. We can help you by specifying and providing your Business Equipment.

Wire Services

Business equipment such as POS Cash Registers, Sound Distribution, Intercoms, Phones, Video Security and Network systems are just some technologies requiring Wire Services.

BGM Music

Crowd Research & Marketing Studies show just how Background Music Systems can influence patrons by improving comfort zones  and stimulating consumer moods.

LED Lighting

Light up your business by renewing your existing lighting fixtures with state-of-the-art LED lighting. Lower cooling and power costs by installing new energy efficient Lighting Tech.

Repair Tech

We offer electronics service. We repair just about anything including: Computers, Pro Video and Sound, Equipment, Guitar Amps, Keyboards, Display monitors and Televisions.

DarxMedia ~ High Tech Sales & Services for Business

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Your Business Stance and Image is always Paramount.

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